Changing of the guard

The handoff from Sam to Matt

When I was on the outside of full time iOS development, I found this site to be an invaluable resource for continuing to learn about innovative interfaces in iOS. Now that I’ve been writing iOS apps fulltime for the past 15 months, I’ve understood that there is a lot I have learnt about building iOS apps. Having talked with Sam, I asked if I could start writing some articles for subjective-c.

Graciously and kindly he provided me with access to the GitHub repository that provides content for the site and permission to create some new content.

For those that were at Melbourne Cocoaheads in May 2016, I talked about UICollectionViewLayout and how to make a custom layout. As that topic is rather intense, I thought it would be good to form the basis of a post that will appear shortly.

So, I shall tip my hat to Sam and say thank you for the articles written thus far. I hope to do justice to the depth of analysis that has been the standard of articles here.

If you have a suggestion of an innovative interface to analyse or would like to contribute a post, please get in touch via twitter.